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If it's southern you can bet your biscuit we will have it! From pepper jellies, pickles, BBQ sauces, rubs, oils, balsamic vinegars, teas, coffees, cookies, cake mixes, Amish butter, Amish peanut butter, honeys, dip mixes, candies, soy candles, tea towels, napkins, place mats, hand-carved wooden utensils and that's just to name a few!  

3 Beer BBQ Rub

3 Beer BBQ Rub

After trying every rub and spice available, Spiceman (Don) became very frustrated. They were all too dang salty! Which is why he set out to make his own spice. After years of tweaking his ratios, he was content he had reached perfection. It was only after hearing the multiple cries, " I gotta have some of this!", from friends and family did he set out to share with the rest of the world.

An ORIGINAL BLEND that has been pleasing family and friends for many years.Brown Sugar Sweet with Mild Heat that really flavors Pork, Beef, Chicken and Fish. IT'S NOT JUST A RUB. It spices up Baked Beans, Corn, Squash and Other Dishes.

$ 15.99